General Conditions of Car Rentals

Requirements for the Hirer
Upon renting a car, the HIRER has to present a valid driver’s license and an identity document. Only drivers, approved and authorized in advance with the Care Rental Contract have the right to drive the rented car.

Rental Rates
All rates are in EUR
The rental rate includes insurance, unlimited runs, all taxes and fees.
The rate for 1 (one) day shall apply for 24 hours from the time of renting the car. Delay in dropoff from 1 to 3 hours shall be charged 50% of the daily rate; delay of over 3 hours shall be charged 100% of the daily rental rate.
WEEKEND charge shall be in force from Friday, 4:00 pm to Monday, 10:00 am.
Monthly rate shall be applicable for 30 days.
Minimum rental term shall be 24 hours.
The rental rate shall not include fuel.

Rental rate shall include the following insurances:
Third Party Liability.
Car Places Insurance.
Full Vehicle Insurance.
Insurance shall not cover Hirer liability for damages caused to the rented car in the following cases:
- drunk-driving or driving under the influence of narcotic substances;
- no police protocol submitted about an insurance event occurred at dropoff;
- the hirer has provided the car to a third person that is not authorized to drive it under the Contract signed or has no driver’s license;
- there are damages on the tires that have not been inflicted by fire or an accident.
Upon inflicting culpable damages on the care the Hirer shall pay for the time the car is out of exploitation but not more than the size of the DEPOSIT. Should the hirer wish he/she may pay additional insurance so as to obtain full waiver of liabilities.

Rentals shall be arranged with a Car Rental Contract. It shall be prepared in 2 (two) copies and signed at the time of renting.
The Contract shall contain details about the current car status. Upon dropoff an authorized person from the Company shall check the car and should there be any damages caused by the Hirer or missing items that are not covered by insurance, the respective value shall be deduced from the DEPOSIT.
Cars shall be rented with a full tank and respectively, shall be drooped-off with a full tank. In case the tank is not full, the respective less amount of fuel shall be paid by the Hirer or shall be deduced from the DEPOSIT.

The DEPOSIT shall be 200 EUR, and shall be paid by the Hirer at the time of renting the car. The DEPOSIT shall be reimbursed to the Hirer should there be no reasons for deductions from it.

Delivery and Collection of the car
Delivery and collect of the car is free of charge within the area of Sofia city and at Sofia Airport.
Out of working time (9:00-18:00) delivery and collection cost 10 EUR.
Delivery and collect at any other location in Bulgaria shall be charged with 0.18 EUR per kilometer.

The deposit and the total rental rate shall be paid upon signing the Contract.
Cash payments can be made either in convertible currency or in the equivalent in BGN.
Payments can be made with the following credit cards:Mastercard VISA JCB card

Car Equipment
Cars shall be equipped with all items in line with the Law on Traffic of the Republic of Bulgaria: first-aid kit, fire extinguisher and a triangle.
Upon demand, VEDA Car Rentals offers to its clients free of charge the following additional accessories: child car-chair, ski roof rack, road map, snow tire-chains.

Use of the car outside the Republic of Bulgaria
Should the Hirer require driving the rented car outside the Republic of Bulgaria, he/she has to notify the Car Rentals Company in advance. The Hirer shall be asked to pay additional insurance to be able to drive the car outside the country.


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